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Arkara Gigalan
Professional DualBay NAS
n/a The Dual Bay Pro is a two drive solution that can be configured in RAID 0 for increased performance or RAID 1 for increased reliability. If one drive fails, the other still has a copy of the data. To ensure optimum data integrity, the Dual Bay Pro is hot-swappable and hot pluggable, plus supports live rebuild, ensuring no network down time. Active Directory Service is supported for easy integration into any business network, making the Dual Bay Pro the ideal product for the small office, home office, and business office environments. Supports 2 x 3.5"  HDD up to 1.5TB Each SATA 40 ea.
two  available

Amateur Radio equipment Frequency Information/Data price
SCS 2m
Model 2M10-80L (10 watts in - 80 watts out) Solid State (SD1416), SSB or FM,  +12v operation.50

*  Please note Bird items are   open to offer but prefer to sell as a complete kit. (prices guide only) ****

Bird 8080
50 watt (50 ohm) dummy load 45
Bird 8041
600 watt (50 ohm) dummy load 175
Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter 43 All Blanking plug fitted 75
Bird 4430 All complete with Leather carry case (blanking plug fitted) 175
125- 500Mhz 40Db "sniffer" POA
25-1000Mhz 50Db "sniffer" POA
Bird Thruline Inserts HF-UHF 12 in all see below for list (complete in leather carry case) POA
List of Bird Thruline Inserts
100-125 Mhz 5 Watt

100-250 Mhz 5 Watt

200-500 Mhz 5 Watt

200-500 Mhz 10 Watt

100-250 Mhz 500 Watt

200-500 Mhz 25 Watt

100-250 Mhz 100 Watt

200-500 Mhz 100 Watt

100-250 Mhz 25 Watt

200-500 Mhz 250 Watt

2-30 Mhz 50 Watt

2-30 Mhz 500 Watt

Buyer either collects, or item can be posted/couriered if required at buyers expense
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